Updates from the Director of Sports and Activities


Last week AISHK hosted the AISA Games 2016 with over 28 competing students and 30 travelling coaches and Directors of Sport. The Association has now established a strong calendar of events for students of 16 years of age and younger in the sports of Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Touch Rugby and Swimming where the students can compete in more than one sport allowing the smaller schools to compete in all 5 disciplines. It was the first time that five sports have been included for the students in the same games.

On Friday the students competed in Touch and Soccer at King's Park where the completion and the standard of play was exceptional in every way. Returning to AISHK the remaining three sports of Basketball, Netball and Swimming were contested, leaving Saturday for the remaining round robin games and then the finals to be played. The students played with determination, positive attitudes and sportsmanship throughout and showing that AISHK can clearly hold their own against international schools around Asia.

The students were a credit to their coaches at AISHK who have given so much of their time in preparation of their teams in order for them to compete at the required level in all of the sports. I would like to thank each and every one of the competing students, the students who turned out to support the teams, the coaches and managers of the teams involved as well as all the AISHK staff who organised and gave up their time to be involved and part of the games. Thanks also must go to all the parents for supporting their sons and daughters in the run up to the games as well as at the games over the two days.

MVP Players voted by all the coaches were as follows:

  • Girls Netball – Lara Schats
  • Boys Basketball – Naveen Shivalingam
  • Girls Soccer – Kristiana Echaluce
  • Boys Soccer – Marc Vermeulen
  • Girls Touch – Lara Schats
  • Boys Touch – Cooper Bath
  • Girls Swimming – Aneekah Styles
  • Boys Swimming – Andrew Law

The results were amazing and I have listed below where each team was placed in the various sports which resulted in Team AISHK being crowned the AISA Games 2016 Champions. Well done Team AISHK!

Interschool Equestrian

AISHK would like to invite riders from the school to join the AISHK Equestrian Team. There are a number of Mini-inter-school competitions held between November and January 2017. These mini competitions are fun competitions which leads to the HKEF Interschool Equestrian Challenge in 2017. The HKEF now in its 11th year has been helping to nurture Hong Kong’s young equestrian talent and has brought a magical sport to over twenty top schools.

The HKEF Inter-school Equestrian Challenge is for riders aged 10-16 years attending Hong Kong schools. The Lower and Higher Division heats take place at Lo Wu Saddle Club and HKJC Tuen Mun Public Riding School from January to March 2017. The winning Higher Division team will travel to Ingestre Stables, UK to reward their achievements.

To find out more about the HKEF Inter-school Equestrian visit www.hkef.org

If you have riding experience and would like to participate and represent AISHK, please contact the ECA office.

Shanghai Nord Anglia ACAMIS Invitational Rugby Tournament

The AISHK Under-20 boys rugby team travelled to Shanghai for a seven aside rugby tournament during the final weekend of October. Over the course of a very busy 2 days, they played with immense pride, grit and skill in each of their 6 games. The boys were eventually victorious in the plate final, where they comfortably beat a courageous Wellington College team. This meant that, overall, AISHK were effectively 5th, of the 10 competing teams. During pool play, despite playing without reserves, our gutsy players won 3 of their 4 games in order to finish second to Dulwich College in their pool. This meant that they played Nord Anglia school of Shanghai first up the next morning and were narrowly beaten in a hard fought game. They went on to win their semi-final and the grand final of the plate competition emphatically.

Of particular note was the exceptional sportsmanship, teamwork and positive attitude of the boys. Rather than rely on individual stars, each player stood up to their own responsibilities and battled with courage in a true team performance. Their attitude off the field was just as remarkable, as they demonstrated pride in themselves and their school at all times. When possible, they supported the AISHK netball girls, who were playing at the same venue. In return, our girls did the same and helped motivate our exhausted team.

Shanghai Nord Anglia ACAMIS Invitational Netball Tournament

The ACAMIS Netball Tournament held at Nord Anglia International School in Shanghai, was full of a variety of ups and downs for the AISHK girls netball team. The girls experienced a thrilling weekend, with great sportsmanship, intense games and meeting lots of new friends.

Our game against Wellington College, Pudong marked the start of our games at the ACAMIS Netball and Rugby Tournament. We were all extremely nervous but excited to play our first game and as a result we made a few errors during the 1st quarter. However our nerves soon wore off as the game went on and we fought hard against our opponents whilst continuing to establish and strengthen our connections in attack and defence. The final score was 20-2 to us.

In our second game of the tournament we were up against NAIS 2, coming off a strong start to the tournament we were ready to play against this team. We faced some struggles against this team due to the skilled and extremely tall defenders but our offence managed to get past this working different techniques in order to score. In the end we were fortunate to come out with a 9-1 win.

In game 3 we played NAIS 1, where we were defeated with a final score of 7-11. Although we lost, it was an intense game, with both sides having to work extremely hard to get the ball down the court to the shooters. This game was a tough game for our team and our first loss of the tournament. This proved to be a great learning experience for our team and it helped us to focus on some of things that could be improved upon in the remaining matches.

We were all nervous and excited to play Kellett who had come second the previous year. We started off and the game was quite even. We fought hard but in the second hard Kellett began to secure their lead. Everyone put in a huge amount of effort and it was a great game. The final score was 17-13

After an intense and tough game with Kellett we ended the first day of round robin matches on a high with a successful win of 19-3 against Dulwich Suzhou.

We knew that the first game of day two was going to be a very challenging one. In game six of the tournament we were up against Dulwich College Shanghai, a so far undefeated team who had won the tournament the previous year. We got off to a shaky start with DCS scoring off the first three centre passes, meaning that we had a significant challenge ahead of us. We managed to pull together as a team in this game and eventually came out with a well-deserved win of 12-10.

In the final game of the round robin section of the tournament, we knew that we had to work hard as a team in order to secure our position going into the playoffs. In this game we played against the British International School Shanghai. This game was somewhat difficult for us as we were struggling to play ‘our’ game in the first half, although as we progressed we pulled it together and gained a lead against this team. The final score of this game was 13 – 6.

Our semi-final was played against Dulwich Shanghai Team 1. We knew it was going to be a very tough match as they would come out fighting as we beat them the previous day. We played the first half of the game with our heads not fully in the game and we made a lot of errors and did not work together as a team. However during the second half, we were able to connect and work well as a team bouncing back to win the first half 10 goals to 3. Even though the final score was 15-13 to Dulwich, we pushed extremely hard and fought till the end.

Having lost the semi-finals, the final game of the tournament for us was the playoff for third and fourth position. We were up against NAIS 1, in a tough match where both teams played to their best of their abilities. For the majority of the game there was only one or two points in it, although in the end NAIS 1 proved themselves winning 14-11. Although we were sad to end on a loss, we held our heads high knowing that we all played as well as we could.

Our exciting journey to Shanghai would not have been possible without all the contributions and encouragement from our coaches, Ms Arnold and Mrs Graham. Ms Arnold’s tremendous efforts to help improve our skills to the best of our abilities. Mrs Graham’s constant encouragement throughout the whole tournament helped us as a team to continue focusing and strive for success.