Year 8 Science Fair

For the last month all of Year 8 have been working on an independent Research Investigation.

Students have worked in small teams to plan and carry out various science practicals of their own, delving into any topic that interests them. This requires students to hypothesise a result, perform a practical, and provide a detailed analysis of their findings.

Aside from submitting their reports for assessment, they also prepared a presentation board which was displayed in the Auditorium as part of the Science Fair event.

On Monday 15 November, the Auditorium was packed with eager students presenting and demonstrating their findings to the many visitors of Science Fair. Amongst the visitors were parents, staff members and various year groups of students, including all of Year 6, whom we hope will have been inspired by the Year 8 Secondary students.

With an overwhelming amount of guests pouring in with voting ballots on their hands, the students put in every ounce of effort to convince our “judges” that their experiments were the best amongst them all.