This Week's Message from the Secondary Division

Congratulations to our Year 6 students for their active and successful engagement in their Transition Day held on Wednesday. I’m sure they learnt much as well enjoyed the experiences through a range of secondary classes and assembly. It was somewhat drizzly during the BBQ at lunch break, but we still saw lots of smiles. Ms Chrissy Carini, who lead the organisation, was most ably supported by the Home Room teachers and the prefects. There was a great sense of their positive energy on the occasion.

Our best wishes extend to the Year 12 IB students who completed all of their public examinations on Tuesday. The Year 12s who have been in school subsequently, glow with a sense of achievement, even as they complete routine tasks such as book returns and deregistration. We look forward to celebrating all of the public examination outcomes at our Secondary Assembly, Wednesday 8 February 2017.

Next week we host a contingent of students from Beijing No.2 School for the day, which is part of our reciprocal relationship with that school. The students and teachers, who join us for the day, always seem to appreciate the significant differences we offer as an international school in Hong Kong, and our students are most adept at making them feel welcome.

Mr McCorkell, Ms Hii and Mr Reed are attending a conference on Positive Education this Friday and Saturday. The aim of their engagement is to bring back to our students and staff further opportunities for enrichment in our Positive Education journey. Mr Shirley and I see this as a cornerstone in the construction and maintenance of our practices surrounding student well-being. So, I look forward to their reporting back and leadership in this important area.

I also look forward to seeing you at our Speech Day event on 13 December at 1.30pm.

Howard West | Head of Secondary

There was great excitement in our secondary division on Wednesday as our current Year 6 students joined us for their transition day. Under the leadership of Ms Christina Carini, the students were given a small taste of life in the high school.

Ms Carini welcomed the students in an initial briefing about the day, getting to know a little about their hopes, dreams and expectations for the next phase of their educational journey and highlighting some of the key challenges they will initially face as they transition to Year 7. The students were able to join us for our secondary assembly and attended lessons throughout the day run by our Mathematics, Art and Science teachers. All in all, the students enjoyed the day immensely and we very much look forward to officially welcoming them into the Secondary fold in 2017.

Meanwhile, last week, Year 8 students participated in the annual Science Fair. In the lead-up to the fair, the students spent time in class designing and then carrying out an experiment that they used to test a hypothesis of their own choosing. On the actual day of the fair, the students then made a presentation of their work to Year 6 students, parents and other guests in the Auditorium.

The Science Fair provides a wonderful opportunity for our highly talented Year 8 scientists to showcase their creative talents while gaining confidence in explaining their work to others and enjoying the recognition given to their efforts. At this year’s edition of the fair, there were some wonderfully innovative and thought-provoking presentations by the students who deserve a lot of credit for their efforts. In commending the students on their involvement in the fair at Wednesday’s assembly, Mr Gary Stokes, our Head of Science, made special mention of Edwina Sze and Jake Wall for their for their ground-breaking research on the effect of frictional forces on cars while Gordon Chen and Hayden Yau were commended for their presentation on gravity.

Chris McCorkell | Dean of Studies, Secondary