This Week's Message from the Secondary Division

Congratulations to all who contributed and participated in our ‘Great Aussie Adventure' 2016 School Fair. Every little bit that was done mattered and was highly valued as a part of the day’s success.

There were so many whose endeavours made the event a success including class teachers, house leaders, students and staff. I particularly celebrate the work of the Admin staff, including the Development Office staff, in their tireless preparation in the weeks leading up to the day, as well as during the day itself.

Thank you, especially, to the Parent Association Fair Committee for their inspiration, hard work and leadership of the event. Well done, Ms Lauren Mitchell, Ms Lisa Milliner, Ms Shelley Spaleta, Ms Kitty Wong, Ms Liz Foster and Ms Kath Camilleri.

I hope all the successful raffle prize winners have managed to collect their prizes from the 9th Floor office during the course of this week. Congratulations to all of you.

We now look forward to our next Fair.

I note that our Year 12 HSC students have finished their examinations as of last Friday, November 4. All Year 12 students have worked hard and we wish them well, with HSC results due out on December 15. The HSC students completed 69 hours of examinations over a three week period. Meanwhile, the IB examinations are on-going and are due to end next week. The IB students, once finished, will have competed 76 hours of examinations and their results will be sent to them from January 6, 2017.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our Speech Day event, Tuesday 13 December at 1.30pm.

Staffing Update

We will be welcoming new staff members into the secondary teaching ranks from 2017 and our subject Department Heads are in communication with these new staff, as they prepare for their transition to AISHK. They each have expressed a great deal of enthusiasm to me, of their anticipation of joining the school, as I am fortunate to have had conversations with each of them leading up to their appointment.

More detailed introductions will be published in Dhanara at the start of the new year, once our students have met them, but for now, a simple contextual introduction.

Joining our Mathematics Department we will be welcoming Mrs S Carter, who comes from Port Hacking High School, Sydney, where she is Head of Mathematics; Ms K Bennett, comes from Southern Cross School, Ballina NSW, where she was Deputy Principal and teacher of Mathematics; and Mr P O’Connell, will be joining us from AIS Singapore, where he currently teaches IB and HSC Mathematics.

The English Department will welcome Ms S Kiehne who joins us from AIS Singapore, where she teaches IB and HSC English as well as IB TOK.

Dr A Hill joins our Science Department from, most recently, Head of Science at The Taipei European School, and prior to that, Head of Science at Brighton Secondary College, Melbourne. He will be teaching Chemistry and Science.

Also joining the Science department is Mr C Dusting to teach Physics, Senior Science and general Science. Mr Dusting has been doing supply work with us this year and he was previously a Deputy Principal and Head of Science in NSW schools on the Central Coast NSW.

Mr A Stoevelaar joins our HSIE team to teach Geography and he is currently the leading Geography teacher at Goulburn High School, NSW.

The new Head of the Learning Enrichment Centre is Ms S Prior who comes to us from Brisbane, where she is the Inclusive Education Officer for Catholic Education, QLD, and she also comes with international experience in Primary learning support leadership at the Bangkok Patana British School. The LEC will also be supported by our new Primary Literacy Intervention Specialist, Ms I Herbert, who is the Special Education Needs Coordinator, Harris Primary Free School, London and previously from schools in NSW.

I am sure you will join me and Mr Shirley in welcoming these new teachers to our school community, and there will be several opportunities to do so in the new year, including the Welcome BBQ on 17 February and the Secondary Parent Cocktail Evening 23 February.

Howard West | Head of Secondary

It has been a busy week in Secondary. Our Year 10 students are completing end-of-course examinations in most subject areas. These examinations form part of the overall assessment program for Semester 2 and will be used by teachers to finalise semester reports. The students have one more week of formal classes before commencing their two-week work experience placements. Our teachers will be visiting the students in their work places and we look forward to hearing about life in the world of employment.

Meanwhile, our Year 11 Chinese language students visited the Splendid China theme park in Shenzhen on Friday. The whole day excursion provides the students with an opportunity to apply the language skills they have acquired in an authentic setting outside the classroom. Our MUN team is also travelling into China for the annual SHASMUN conference in Shanghai. What a wonderful opportunity this is for our students to match wits with their counterparts from other international school within the Asia Pacific region.

On Thursday, our swimmers took part in the ISSFHK Championships held at the Victoria Park Swimming Pool. As has become the norm, the AISHK team competed with admirable determination and a sense of fair play.

The above is merely a snapshot of the wonderful opportunities provided for AISHK students to be actively involved in the full life of the school. It is often said that the highest achieving students are those who are committed to both academic excellence and a strong engagement in a range of extra-curricular pursuits. It is no coincidence, therefore, to see that the students who excel in their studies at AISHK are often those who are members of one or more of our sports teams or part of our many groups with involvement in activities beyond the walls of the classroom.

Chris McCorkell | Dean of Studies, Secondary