Secondary Activity Week 2017

Challenges, Skills and Cultural development

Published details and choices

The Secondary Activity Week Program is a compulsory program of extra curricula learning which engages students in courses which are additional to regular classroom learning. Courses take advantage of our location in South East Asia and the skills and experience of staff members.

The program is designed to provide an off-campus learning experience to develop the individual, his/her social skills and their community interaction. In some grades, it provides students with an opportunity to travel to neighbouring countries and experience the local culture and engage in socio-cultural service activities.

Details about the courses and choices available to Secondary students for Activity Week 2017 are being released today for your consideration and action over the next two weeks. Please go to the OLP to see the guide books and details of courses.

We intend to gather registration and enrollment applications from current students in Years 7-11, in order to confirm the intended course viability and final price costings for 2017.

In 2017, students in Years 10-12 will have a choice from twelve courses which will help them fulfil the requirements of completing a culture, service and skills based course over a three year period.

Year 8, in 2017, will have the choice of completing the same type of course either in China or northern Thailand. The prime difference is the cost differential between the two venues. Of course, as has occurred in the past, we will run an alternative course in Hong Kong, at short notice, should political conditions change in the host country.

Year 9 students in 2017 will complete their Hong Kong Award for Young People, through the program provided by Outward Bound Hong Kong. Primarily, this will involve a five-day trek through the Sai Kung country park

Year 7 students in 2017 will complete a camp which will be based on Lantau at the Sydney Leong YWCA camp, utilising the services of Dragonfly outdoor education services.

AISHK teachers will manage and attend all of the courses we offer and all of these remarkable and challenging opportunities will be taking place during March 19-25, 2017.

Courses will be identified by their dominant mode of activities, either as:

A courses – adventure, action, activity and skills;

C courses – understanding culture, undertaking creativity, inter-cultural perceptions, international learning;

S courses – service to a community, supplying work for the benefit of others, giving of oneself.

Courses in each of the three areas will be offered both in Hong Kong and outside of Hong Kong and students are required to complete one each of the ASC courses over a three year period.

Application process

Students must complete the Application Form electronically via the AISHK Learning Platform (OLP)

Please respond in all of the appropriate spaces. Students in Years 9, 10, 11 in 2016 must select a course electronically, and name two back-up choices on the enrolment form submitted to the secondary office.

Along with the electronic Application a student must complete:

  • The Payment and Permission Form, which is a part of the parent and student guide found on the OLP. The student and a parent must sign the form.
  • The completed Permission Form should be returned to the Secondary Division office along with the Next of Kin – Medical Form.

for courses outside Hong Kong:

  • Provide a photocopy of the front page of your passport containing the details, which clearly indicates name, passport type, number, date of birth, passport expiry date and nationality.
  • and the China Home Travel Document photo copy (if you are travelling to China)

(Photocopied data is destroyed once ticketing details have been confirmed).

If you have any questions regarding the completion of the form please contact the Secondary Office. Students missing out on their first preference will be allocated to one of their back-up choices.

The application period for Years 9,10 and 11 is from Wednesday 9 November (8:00am) to Friday 18 November and completed application and payment forms, and travel documents, need to be submitted to the Secondary Office to confirm a place on a course.

Should a course be over-subscribed, students will be allocated to their second or third choice. Subscription places for courses are allotted by the enrolment system on a time-stamp basis.

Prices, as shown, are as accurate as possible but cannot be confirmed until all course enrolments have concluded. There may be some price adjustments until the end of December 2016, with advice of confirmed pricing to be published via Dhanara.

A summary table of the courses can be seen below, and an introductory letter will be emailed to families today, with course outline details and guide books being seen on the Secondary OLP. (Some of the course outline details may only be on the OLP from Monday next week). The cost details will help to inform parent/student conversations, as sometimes student enthusiasm may outrun family budgets; so please feel free to offer constraints as to the choices available to your child.

Activity Week Courses Years 10-12, 2017 (Please view all details on the OLP).

2017courses: March 19-25



Staff Leader

ACS course type for graduation requirement

Max No.

Cambodia service

Yr 10-12


Ms Morley

Service + Culture


Central Australia, adventure & indigenous experience

Yr 10-12


Mr Somerville



HK Golf

Yr 10-12


Mr Phillips



HK Martial Arts

Yr 10-12


Mr Pulsford

Skill + Culture


India, Rishikesh and Ganges rafting

Yr 10-12


Ms Livermore

Culture, Skill + Service


Japan, Skiing for beginners

Yr 10-12


Mr Skellern



Korea, Seoul culture & history

Yr 10-12


Ms Voss



Paris, Language course

Yr 10-12


Ms van der Hoek



Philippines, Diving

Yr 10-12


Mr Campbell



Saigon, Service at CNCF

Yr 10-12


Mr Tyler

Service + Culture


Sri Lanka, Yoga & surfing

Yr 10-12


Mr Spurling

Skill + Culture


Yangshuo, China

Yr 10-12


Mr Stapleton

Culture + Service


Year 8, 2017 courses

Enrolment will commence from 8:15am Monday 14 November until Friday 18 November.

All Year 7 2016 students, continuing at AISHK in 2017, must enrol during that time.

Students may choose between:

Zhaoqing, China

40 spaces available

Students will:

  • Experience activities such as abseiling, rafting, ropes courses.
  • Stay mainly at the Nine Dragon Lake Camp site near Zhaoqing
  • Complete community service in a local school
  • Experience the culture of the local area by visiting a local village

Estimated cost: HKD $6,800; Deposit: HKD $2,000

Chiang Mai, Thailand

40 spaces available

Students will:

  • Experience activities such as rock climbing, Thai cooking and kayaking.
  • Stay at the Traidhos School campus; an international boarding school near Chiang Mai.
  • Complete community service in a local school.
  • Experience the culture of the local area by visiting a Buddhist Temple.
  • Estimated cost: HKD $11,000; Deposit: HKD $2,000

Year 9 2017 and Year 7 2017 camp details will be published at the start of 2017 school year.

Howard West | Assistant Principal, Secondary