Pi Book Review Competition

Congratulations to Carson Young who is the winner of this competition. Next time you are in the library please take the time to browse this wonderful collection of books.

Sue Turnbull | Head of Mathematics

Letters to a Young Mathematician- Ian Stewart

As the title of the book suggests, this book is a collection of letters written to a young mathematician. Through a series of intricate short letters to a fictional character called Meg, Professor Ian Stewart shares what he wishes he knew when he was younger. The letters begin with Meg still in secondary school and end when Meg became a lecturer at University. In the letters Professor Stewart answers many questions from Meg, “why should you study maths”, “when will I ever need it” and whether to “study pure or applied maths”. He explores important mathematical concepts such as the nature of proofs. From Pythagoras’s theorem to the story behind Andrew Wiles’ proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem. He talks about the remarkable connection between nature and mathematics and the many applications of maths in our daily life. Professor Stewart also shares his personal story- how he almost became a lawyer and how he was moved to the lowest level maths class at school. The book is recommended to everyone in particular to students who think maths is uninteresting, dull and tedious. It will definitely change what you think about Mathematics…


Book Review by Carson Young