Entrepreneur Justin Hart speaks to Year 12

The Year 12 Business Studies students were fortunate to have Justin Hart, Partner of Booze by the Box, present to them about the trials and tribulations of running a small business in Hong Kong. In particular he focused on the operations processes involved in selling wine over the internet. Many areas of the operations process were discussed including sourcing, relationships with suppliers, outsourcing, storage, quality control and distribution channels. He was very candid about the many mistakes that he and his partner have made during the short life of the business. In particular his acknowledgment of how pursuing a traditional online business model had not helped grow the business. It was only when they changed to using Facebook did they begin to properly connect with their customers. Overnight sales exploded and Booze by the Box have not looked back since. The conversation was dynamic and its focus jumped from one business topic to the next, with students keeping Justin on his toes, by firing a barrage of targeted and insightful questions. It was a very enlightening hour which had students and teachers present fully engaged.

Ian Nelson | HSIE Teacher