This Week's Message from the Primary Division

eSmart Digital Licence

This year students in Years Four to Six have worked through the eSmart Digital Licence in order to help them understand and navigate the online world.

When interacting in an online environment children need to be educated on what to do if they are exposed to age-inappropriate content; encounter cyber bullying; or when they might be putting their privacy at risk.

The eSmart Digital Licence has been designed for use in environments where children learn and play, to support and celebrate digital inclusion and online knowledge for the whole community – at home, at school, and at the library.

The Digital Licence comprises eight key digital topics, which combine learning resources and interactive quizzes to evaluate comprehension and knowledge around cyber safety.

The learning modules are: Digital Devices, Protecting Privacy, Searching & Researching,Creating & Sharing, Social Networking & Gaming, Communicating Safely Online, Friends & Strangers, and Managing Money & Online Credits.

The eight key topics can be retaken multiple times, for fun and for learning.

When all eight topics are successfully completed, users will receive an eSmart Digital Licence – in recognition of being equipped with the necessary skills required to embrace and safely explore the wonderful world of online technology.

Please take some time to view this link which explores the eSmart Digital Licence:

Staffing update

This week it gives me great pleasure to announce a staffing enhancement to our Primary Visual Arts Program. In 2017 the Primary Visual Arts team will be enhanced by the inclusion of another part time art specialist. Ms. Emily Thomas will join our art department to support Mrs Narelle Cridland. Emily has experience teaching in London, China and Hong Kong and is very excited to be joining AISHK next year. She has previous experience as an Art and Design Technology coordinator and aims to inspire, support and devlop children’s creative skills so that they can reach their full potential and express themselves in a visual way. We are looking forward to this addition and I am sure this news will be well received by all the students in the Primary school.

David Shirley | Head of Primary

Christmas is just around the corner

Last weekend I travelled to Singapore with our AISHK U12 Rugby squad. We competed in a competition organised by the Australian school in Singapore. As is usually the case, our boys played with great energy and enthusiasm and were fantastic ambassadors for our school. On Saturday evening we went to a local shopping mall to walk out the bumps and bruises of a very physically demanding day of rugby. Much to my surprise, as we entered, the sound of Christmas carols filled the air. Many of the boys made comment on the fact that Christmas was only a few weeks away.

With less than twenty school days until the end of the Year, our teachers are busy collating all of the information they have gathered about your child’s learning journey throughout 2016. All of this data is then entered into the reporting structure and will be ready to be sent home on the last day of school. If your child is leaving AISHK at the end of 2016, please make sure they have completed all the leaving procedures (usually a yellow form distributed by the Admissions Office) before the final day of the year. This procedure includes returning all library books, musical instruments, sporting equipment, paying final school fees, deregistering their computer etc.

We have made some slight modifications to the structure of the report. If you have any feedback regarding the format of the final report, please email me directly. As our reports go out on the last day, assessment, teaching and learning continues right up until the last minute. There are also a plethora of other events which will be listed in the 2 Weeks Ahead calendar section of Dhanara. Some of these include:

  • Early Childhood Athletics carnival
  • Primary Spelling Cup
  • Wakka Wakka Talent Show
  • Year 6 Transition Day,
  • Year 6 End of Year celebration
  • Early Childhood Transition Assembly
  • Carols Night
  • Speech Day
  • Early Childhood Art Exhibition

As well as these events there are the usual assemblies, excursions and amazing learning experiences occurring in each and every classroom. Please take the time to read the Year level newsletters, ask your children, or if in doubt, email the classroom teacher. If at any stage you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to email me at

Cameron Reed | Dean of Studies, Primary