Shop the Year 10 Design enterprise project at the fair!

Year 10 Design students have spent the term developing a small business to showcase at the Great Aussie Adventure Fair. Their design brief was to batch produce ‘wearable accessories’ to market and sell. Part of the brief was to develop their company’s brand, market their products, budget, and organise production. The Development Office team visited Year 10 classes to introduce branding and marketing to the students and give them suggestions for marketing for the fair.

The project objectives were:

  • To introduce branding, marketing, entrepreneurship, and commercial production in the HSC / IB context in preparation for those taking DT next year.
  • To establish cross-curricular links with Business Studies, as there is cross-over with DT in the HSC / IB syllabi.
  • To support a community-based, school-wide event.
  • To give students an authentic ‘design team’ experience; in industry design teams are often all over the world and must collaborate via technology.
  • To promote collaboration whilst celebrating students’ individual skills within a team environment.

Special thanks to Brigitte McNamara, Alasdair Ong, and Chester Siu from the Development Office team for assisting the students, and Ian Nelson for consulting on the project from a Business Studies point of view.

Year 10 market stalls will be outside the 4/F gym during the fair and will run from 11.30-4.30, with a table swap at 1.30. Please check out some of the design teams’ adverts in the Dhanara and pop by to shop the year 10 market stalls outside the 4/F gym during the far.

Christina Carini | Design and Technology Teacher