Wildlife Photographer and Author Jan Latta

Australian author and wildlife photographer Jan Latta thoroughly entertained all students from Reception to Year 6 on Thursday.

Jan was born in Sydney, Australia and has travelled around the world capturing stunning images of endangered animals in their natural habitat. She chooses to share her adventures in her ‘True to Life’ series of books.

Jan began her career in advertising and has been based in Hong Kong for over 20 years. After an amazing encounter with a mountain gorilla, she decided to use her advertising skills to become an author of children’s books to inspire and educate children in conserving endangered animals. In order to make her books as true to life as possible she learnt wildlife photography skills for the illustrations.

Jan talked to four groups of children on Thursday engaging them with her amazing wild animal encounters through stories and videos. There were a multitude of questions which she patiently answered, from her scariest encounter to her most challenging problem writing children’s books. Jan was even asked, “How do Koalas stay safe in the trees when there is a signal 10 typhoon”?

Children of all ages enjoyed their time with Jan. If they would like to order a book, the order forms will be handed out in their class on Monday and can be returned to the library over the next few weeks.

On behalf of AISHK we thank Jan Latta for visiting us and inspiring our students.

Megan O'Connor | Teacher Librarian