This Week's Message from the Secondary Division

ICAS Competition Medals

We have supported a number of international assessment competitions where our students compete against many thousands of students across the region. Typically, the ICAS competitions in English, Science, Mathematics and Spelling provide a range of opportunities for our students.

Recently, we were given the results of the ICAS Science competition which were published in last week’s Dhanara, but in addition to those excellent outcomes, six students have also been awarded medals. Receiving the medal indicates the very highest level of achievement within the top end of the top 1% of the competitors. This is a result to be very proud of and the medals were presented in assemblies this week to:

  • Carl Cheng Year 12
  • Jenkin Lai 11
  • Benedict Hu Year 9
  • Jasmine Wong Year 6
  • Jayden Fung Year 4
  • Ryan Liu Year 3

In addition to the Science medals, there were also medals awarded for ICAS Spelling to:

  • Bastien Buwalda Year 6
  • Isabella Lai Year 5
  • Adam Chan Year 4
  • Erick Lui Year 3

Also, Kirsten Tran received a medal for the ICAS Primary Mathematics

And we have also had late news that Ashvin Malkani Year 8, has been awarded a medal in the International ICAS English competition.

Congratulations to all of these students for their excellent achievement in the ICAS competitions.

Year 12 Graduation

We enjoyed a very poignant Valedictory Assembly for the class of 2016 on Wednesday. The Valedictorian speakers Felix Wong and Marianne O’Reilly spoke with passion about their class, their school and their families. Also, the School Captains Ana Milliner-Parsons and Adam Gori demonstrated their convictions and devotion to school and family as they advised the audience of the great joys and advantages of an education at AISHK. Their credentials as student leaders of the school were burnished and shone through the excellent speeches they delivered.

But the penultimate event, the welcoming the Prep students on stage bearing farewell gifts for the Year 12’s, brought much joy and some tears to the audience, before we fare welled the Year 12’s down the aisle and out of the hall for the final time. It was a celebration of great warmth and it had a sense of well-being for all who attended; because all students who participated, both 12’s and Prep, confirmed the sense of our purpose and the reason of our existence as a school.

Congratulations to the class of 2016.

Howard West | Assistant Principal, Secondary

This week’s valedictory events have been wonderfully joyous and uplifting occasions marking the end of formal schooling for our Year 12 graduating class of 2016. The student leaders who have spoken at these events have demonstrated the depth of affection students at AISHK have for both the school and each other. We congratulate our graduates and thank them for their outstanding contribution to the life of the school.

Classes for our HSC students concluded on Wednesday of this week with the students to return for the commencement of their external examinations from Thursday 13 October. Meanwhile, our Year 12 IB students will return to school for the continuation of formal classes on Wednesday 12 October. Classes for IB students will conclude on Friday 20 October with IB external examinations commencing on Wednesday, 2 November.

We wish all of our Year 12 students every success in their upcoming examinations and look forward to hearing about their future endeavors beyond life at AISHK.

Chris McCorkell | Dean of Studies, Secondary