Primary Interhouse Festival of Song

It is with much pleasure that we announce a very special AISHK event. Next Thursday, 15 September from 1pm we will hold our inaugural Primary Festival of Song, hosted by Jacaranda House in conjunction with the Performing Arts Department. Each House will perform two songs on our AISHK stage to the community. The first song is a Pop song which was chosen out of a hat and will be formally sung on the choir rises. The second song has been a secret and will have a Performing Arts element as an added addition. Every student from Years 3 -6, House Patrons, Music Specialists and the Staff have be practicing each week this term in their Houses. They even had a run through during one lunch time, that’s commitment! House spirit has reached an all-time high! Competition will be fierce. There will be cheers, laughter and of course the sound of 420 angels. Please mark this special occasion in your diary.