Sports Awards Assembly 2016

The annual Sports Awards Ceremony took place in the AISHK Auditorium this Thursday 1 September. Over 100 students were acknowledged for their individual accomplishments and team contributions. There have been some outstanding achievements this year, with teams entered into competitions in Hong Kong and around Asia including ACAMIS, SDRC, AISA, ISSFHK, HKSSF, HKNA, HKRU, HKASA and many other smaller tournaments. The many stellar performances highlighted at the awards included personal bests, record breaking performances and sportsmanship triumphs. Colours, the highest award presented for sporting excellence and The Joel Dunn Sports Girl and Sports Boy were also awarded to recipients who have performed with distinction in their chosen sport, and exhibited exemplary sportsmanship, leadership, team commitment and behaviour, both on and off the sporting field.

AISHK was honoured to host guest keynote presenter Ms Mina Guli. Mina is the CEO and founder of Thirst, a company with a mission to harness social media and technology to inform and inspire 14-24 year olds about water and the steps they can take to reduce their own water consumption. So far Mina has spread her message to over 250 million people in China. Mina’s message is built upon her inspiring Seven Desert Run, running roughly a marathon a day, over seven continents, in just seven weeks. Most recently, her journey took her through Spain, Jordan, Antarctica, Australia, South Africa, South America and USA.

The next stage of her mission is to run again, this time running through six dried lakes in six continents over six weeks. This time around, she hopes to have the support of six million runners behind her. More details on her amazing journey can be explored here

AISHK thanks the students, parents, coaches, managers and spectators for all their help and support and we look forward to the next season, and even more highlights. AISHK also extends its thanks to Ms Guli for her inspirational presentation.

Photos of this years event may be viewed in the Photo Album:

A short excerpt of her presentation. The presentation in its entirety will be available next week.