Technology in the Classroom – Part 1

Welcome to Part One of our 2-week focus on Technology in the Classroom.

As a leading international school, AISHK sees it as key to be aware of and, where appropriate, integrate cutting-edge technology in our classrooms. As mentioned in this week’s article by Primary Dean of Studies, Mr Cameron Reed, this is always implemented with the aim of complementing our existing curriculum and teaching and learning strategies.

Today, we would like to share with you an extension to our existing Promethean Interactive Whiteboards, the Promethean ActivTable.

The video below features Learning Technologies Leader, Mr Carl Ohlson and Primary Dean of Studies, Mr Cameron Reed summarising the brand new ActivTable. As you will see, the table is an intuitive touch device allowing up to six students to simultaneously collaborate on tasks. With a library of over 200 educational activities, from maths to music, the ActivTable is truly a tool which promotes teamwork between students and the development of communication and social skills.

We are excited to experience a new generation of education at AISHK, fostering learning and development through a range of innovative tools.

This approach and philosophy has also been supported by the AISHK Parent Association, whose contribution has seen technological enhancements such as the roll-out of the laptop programme in 2009, followed by the Early Childhood iPad programme.

Tune into next week’s Dhanara for Part Two, where we will share with you the benefits of our Blue Bots, also brought to AISHK by the Parent Association.