Students Shine in the Primary Music Recitals

Our annual Primary Music Recitals, held in the Auditorium on the 25 August, was indeed the epitome of the diversity in musical talents across students at our school.

Throughout the day, students of the Primary Division put on a brave front and performed for an audience of students, parents, relatives and teachers. They were required to select one piece to perform on their desired instruments. The school community saw students paying tribute to performers of all eras, from Beethoven to Freddie Mercury, from cellos and harps to electric guitars and drums.

Besides fostering a child’s self-expression and self-esteem, playing musical instruments and performing in front of a crowd has many hidden benefits. You may read more on this on this week’s message from the Primary Division. Congratulations to all performers involved.

Please keep an eye out for next week's newsletter for the Photo Album!