SEAMS of a New Era 2016

Saturday night saw the return of SEAMS – the annual fashion design show run in support of the Christina Nobel Children’s Foundation. SEAMS is a student-run project; AISHK students produce, organise and manage the event. The majority of the designers and models are students as well. This year SEAMS showcased 53 AISHK student designs and had a team of over 50 students involved in the show. The team is proud to announce that over HK$45,000 money was raised for Christina Nobel Children’s Foundation.

This year’s theme was “Illusion”, it focused on pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. The show was structured as one continuous transformation from mainstream to edgy, and this was reflective in both the order of designs, music, and lighting – all of which allowed for an engaging and captivating night.

The show kept the audience in awe, with a large number of entertaining performances and stunning designs, there was never a dull moment! People would cheer in support and encouragement and applause tirelessly in appraisal – the atmosphere of the crowd certainly amplified the excitement. An audience favourite was the LED Seams Letters on the stage which gave the night a professional and unique element.

Intermission saw people lining up to buy some refreshing ice lollies and taking top quality photographs in front of the professionally painted backdrop. It was obvious the crowd was eager to go back in and continue watching the show! And when they did, they were not disappointed. The second half was when the transformation became evident and the crowd realised that this was simply more than just a fashion show, it was a form of social liberation, allowing people to express themselves and feel comfortable in their individuality, celebrating people’s differences without judgement.

The show wouldn’t have been possible without the endless support we got from the students and staff. We thank the Art and Drama department for letting us use their resources, it makes pulling the show together so much easier when the school community is there to help each other, Mrs Manning for being so flexible with us, McGunnigle for helping us in every way possible, Mr West for allowing us to incorporate everything we wanted to incorporate into the show, Mr Simons for his warm and enthusiastic support, and of course Ms Carini for making the show what it is – without you, we would have been lost, thank you for putting the students first, we are forever grateful.

“This is the best fashion show I have been to” – Jackie Fuller

“Everything looked so professional, I forget that this was the product of a bunch of high schoolers!” – Sean O’Reilly

“The atmosphere was so engaging and exciting” – Brooke Reed