Updates from the Director of Sports and Activities

Quote of the Week – Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali – A boxing legend!

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

A true legend in sport leaves us this past week. Muhammad Ali, probably the world’s greatest boxer, died at the age of 74. He was a true professional who dedicated a huge part of his life to boxing where he made his name winning his first heavyweight title in 1964. He was widely regarded as one of the greatest and most significant sporting figures in history.


On 4 June, AISHK students once again displayed a fantastic effort in a great morning of Aquathon racing. Aquathon participants have put in 100% all term and represented AISHK wonderfully.

The A Team achieved a Top 5 finish and the B Team finished in the Top 10.

The A Team performed admirably finishing in 4th position. Jack Ware led out the swim and was first into transition, followed swiftly by Lorraine Tang, Darby Carroll, Cullen Meyer and Jade Ohlson. All their training came into fruition with lightning-fast transitions. Indiana Miller was fast on her toes catching up to Jade Ohlson on the run and finishing strongly.

All students should be very proud of their efforts and for giving the best they could on the day. In a challenging course, with the top schools training intensely for the coveted top 5 positions, AISHK proved that we are part of an elite group and will aim to maintain that position next year.

Overall Positions and Times: 4 June 2016 ESF Aquathon Challenge

A huge thanks goes to Jules Ware for all her hard work in the preparation of the students for the Aquathon Events this season.

Touch Rugby

U19 Boys

The Under 19s Boys Team were a pleasure to coach and we would like to draw attention to their dedication. During the 6:45am training sessions every Thursday morning the boys were drilled and learnt a few new plays which they put into good use in their matches. The players ranged from Year 8 through to Year 12, showing modesty and fairness on the senior players behalf.

The boys went on to win every one of their 5 matches quite comfortably and bonded together as a team very well. They went up against Harrow in the Final whom they had beaten 4-1 the previous week. Harrow had travelled the long bus ride to Kings Park and were hungry for victory. The team battled it out for a solid 20 minutes, 1st half and were up 3-4. In the 2nd half, Harrow snuck two tries through our defence and the Cup was handed to Harrow.

We thoroughly enjoyed coaching the Under 19s Team and we wish them all the best in their future Touch Football playing. Well done to the following students;

Felix Wong, Aiden Shirley, Aiden Trent, Justin Trent, Callum Hunt, Edward Haines, Nick West, Ronan Fownes, Nick McGrory, Melvin Wong, Thaddeus Summers, Kenneth Stewart and Tyler Boddington.

U19 Girls

For the U19 ISSFHK Touch Rugby Tournament this year, the girls had a full team ready to compete in this vigorous tournament. With a mixture of new and experienced players, it was great to see the improvement in everyone's skills and gameplay throughout the season. Under the coaching of Ms Walker, we were pushed not only in fitness, but also how we communicated and worked as a team. We started off as a team of individuals, and throughout this journey, bonded together as a team. We played with all our hearts and never gave up on the pitch, and secured our well-deserved spot in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, we lost the semi-finals battle at a very tight score of 7-8. Despite the loss, our spirits were never let down. We kept our heads held high and were ready to give it our all in the 3rd place play-offs. Our team played exceptionally well on the day, and earned our 3rd place title with an overwhelming victory of 10 tries.

We would like to express our gratitude to Ms Walker. Her vibrant and enthusiastic personality gave us the support and strength to never give up and strived to improve as a team.

Christy Yeung


U14 Boys

Over the last eight weeks the boys from Year 6-9 took part in the Under 14 ISSFHK Touch Rugby League. Having trained and played hard all competition against all the best International Schools in Hong Kong, we made it through to the Semi-finals and the Grand Final last night. After a hard fought semi-final against Canadian International School which we won 2-1, the boys played strong and eventually pulled through winning the Grand Final against the previously unbeaten KGV side 6 tries to 3.

The whole team put in a lot of time, effort and determination, which proved to be well worth it in the end. In conclusion the entire tournament was a wonderful experience for us all and we hope to participate next year.

Max Praetorius

U14 Girls

Over the past few weeks one of our under 14s girls touch teams has been competing in the ISSFHK touch rugby league. The ISSFHK league is held every year in a range of different sports for International Schools in Hong Kong. The girl’s team had a few tough games losing by only by a couple of points. Every Tuesday morning of Term 2 we have trained for the afternoon games usually on the same day. A lot of hard work and effort has gone into every game, with most of the results going in favour of AISHK .

In the semi-finals we managed to beat CDNIS by three points and making it to the finals. In the finals we went up against ICHK who were one of the only teams to beat us previously. They ended up winning by a couple of points. After a very hard fought game. We ended up second putting up a tough fight. Our amazing team including India Knowling, Charlize Taper, Natalie Kirke, Alex Wright, Mackenzie Batman, Bella Taper, Georgia Prebble, Ella Fraser, Kayla Graham, Maia Mcgunnigle, Isha Shivalingam, Imogen White, Holly Bongiorno, and our fantastic coach Ms Walker.

India Knowling

Mark Wnek, Ben Picker, Thao Walker | AISHK Touch Team Coaches


Weekend Netball at AISHK

The weekend netball will again start its programme at the beginning of term 3 at AISHK. We will be looking to trial the students on the first 2-3 weeks at the beginning of Term 3. This will be done by our weekend netball coaches. Training will continue through the year with Years 7-12 on a Wednesday morning and Year 2-6 on a Wednesday afternoon. It is important that we have DOB of new players and TWO preferred trial positions for Year groups likely to trial (Yr 2 & 3 excluded) in before the end of term so we can look at the team structure. As trials need to be arranged failing to register may affect your daughter's trial court time. Under 13 boys are welcome to join the netball programme.

Registration is open from the 15-21 June.

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ISSFHK at a glance

The International Secondary Schools Foundation (ISSFHK) will start Season 1 at the beginning of September. The purpose of ISSFHK is to provide a well-rounded program of interscholastic athletics for all member schools. ISSFHK seeks to provide rules and regulations governing the Federation that will achieve recognised educational objectives, promote the traditions of sportsmanship, and provide an enjoyable athletic program throughout the school year for all participants, spectators and supporters. This constitution is to provide the framework and regulations by which ISSFHK operates. A related purpose of the Federation shall be to establish closer relationship among its member schools.

Please have a look at the website www.issfhk.org for general information on the sports available for AISHK during our school year. With the difference in school calendars our Term 3 is Season 1 for the ISSFHK and so on so at times we need to squeeze in as many games as we can into short openings.

We are also a member of the following associations which I will look at closely in the coming weeks.

  • ACAMIS – Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Schools – Secondary
  • SDRC – Southern Delta Region Conference – Middle Years
  • Primary Schools PE Group – Primary
  • AISA – Australian International Schools Association – U16

All of the above offer a range of sports in different age groups. We are currently looking at offering a Middle Years AISA Tournament or a HK/Singapore Cup in various sports.