Updates from the Director of Sports and Activities

The main focus of this week’s Dhanara is the recent Dulwich Beijing Rugby and Netball Tournament. I would like to thank all the wonderful AISHK coaches for the support and help I have received on this trip and the work they have done with our students in the lead up to the competition. I extend thanks also to all our parents, travelling and non-travelling, who supported our teams throughout and made the journey to Beijing possible for their children.

Most of all I would like to congratulate our AISHK students who were impeccably behaved on and off the field of play. The fantastic sportsmanship shown by our students was commended by both the coaches and the parents of the other competing teams. The effort and hard work shown by each individual AISHK competitor was a pleasure to witness and when at times they were on the back foot in games, it only made them more determined to succeed.

The AISHK students will be talking about this for months to come and the lifelong experiences gained from such trips can never be taught in a classroom. For me, this is what International Sports and Competitions are all about .

Under 11 Dulwich College Beijing Rugby Tour 2016

At 8:30 am on 26 May, the AISHK Beijing Rugby and Netball tour for 2016 kicked off. We finally arrived at Hong Kong airport and we all quickly went through Hong Kong customs on our way to the capital of China. The flight was three hours and we arrived in Beijing in the afternoon where we travelled to our hotel and had some dinner before getting some much-needed rest.

The next day the Under 11 A and B team both had four round robin games. The A team won all including one against the B team. The B team played strong and won one of their games against Dulwich College Beijing. Teachers and parents commented how great the rugby was and how both sides played as a team. The day was tough but our reward was going to the Silk Street market to bargain for lots of fake toys and possessions. That night we went back to spend some quality time with our mates.

The third and final day of the 2016 Beijing tour was a lot hotter than the first. That day included two round robin games for the A and B team, where the A’s continued to impress with two more big wins. Unfortunately having won another good game, the B team got knocked out leaving the A team to carry the flag for Hong Kong in the Under 11 competition.

Looking to win this competition for the third straight year, the AISHK A team continued their journey through to the Grand Final against the very strong JESS school from Dubai. They were our hardest competitors. JESS started the Grand Final by scoring three very quick tries leaving the AISHK team 3-1 behind. With time quickly running out, and with only two minutes to go, the A team scored three incredible tries, two tries from Daniel Bennie and one try from Ryan Boreham to steal an amazing come from behind victory. It showed how playing as one team we could overcome anyone in the competition. Big downside we came back to HK stinky and sweaty and arrived after midnight but we came back as champions.

The A and B team would like to give a big shout out to our teachers and coaches Mr Wnek, Mr Reed and Mr Bennie. Thanks for guiding us through the tournament.

By Luke Briscoe

Under 11 Dulwich College Beijing Netball Tour 2016

U11 – Diamonds

Beijing – one of the best moments of our lives. We had finally made it there after four hard weeks of practice. The first day of competition and the Aussie Diamonds were undefeated. We celebrated our success at the silk market shopping up a storm. Day 2 saw our team into the finals against JESS from Dubai. They were a tough opposition and we ended up in second place overall for the U11’s. It was a fantastic achievement and we were very proud of ourselves.

By Charlize Taper

Netball Beijing – Team Opals

Beijing has been an amazing, rich experience for all the U11 Team Opals. We learnt better sportsmanship skills and more importantly, how to play better. We played a lot of games, only being defeated by AISHK U11 Diamonds and our main competitor, Jess. This lead to us bringing home the third place trophy. We all tried our best and the hard work the team put into the games we played was exceptional.

By Ella Coxon

AISHK Sapphires were one of the youngest teams in our year level. Our team showed great spirit, perseverance and sportsmanship. We found the opposition tough and we were placed fourth in our pool. After our hard day of netball, we went to the silk markets where we practiced our bargaining skills and came home with lots of shopping. We all really enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to go back again next year.

By Caitlin England

The Beijing Experience (U13 Rugby Tour)

The experience me and my fellow teammates had can be summed up in one word: Great!

From the flight to the games, the coaches did an excellent organisational job managing 108 AISHK students who travelled to Beijing.

On the first day, we defeated the other teams by a landslide with scores of 9-0, 7-0 and 6-2. Some key plays came from Will Burton, Jude Harding, Ethan Briscoe and Matt Ohlson. Those teams we played against were the British School Beijing (BSB), the International School Beijing (ISB), and Dulwich College Suzhou.

Day 2 was finals day, and after beating Harrow Beijing in the quarter-final, we went on to scrape past Dulwich College, Shanghai with a sudden death extra-time score in the semi-final with Will Burton scoring the winning try!

The final was against the home school, Dulwich College Beijing. We got off to a flying start with a try in the first minute of the game. Our team was outstanding throughout and we would go on to win 6-3. Jude Harding was named as our All Star, but the whole team can be very proud of their performance.

Thanks again for all of the hard work the teachers and coaches put in to get us to Beijing, and thank you to the parents that came to watch us, your support was appreciated. Can’t wait for next year!

By Oliver Smeaton

The Beijing Experience (U13 Netball Tour)

U13 Diamonds

On Thursday 26 May, six netball teams from AISHK flew to Beijing for the annual Dulwich College Netball Tournament. Our team, the U13’s Diamonds consisted of Elizabeth McGrory, Matilda Knowling, Prue Steadson, Zoe Tsibogiannis, Ella Rowe, Isabella England, Nicole Meyer, Olivia Ruskin, Emily Ball and Madeleine Meehan.

Our games went exactly as planned and we managed to win all of them and stick to our set play. The final was where we were truly challenged. The game stayed very tight for the whole first half, with barely any difference in points. By the end of the first half, we were tied 6-6. Our coach Mrs Arnold gave us a pep talk before we went back on for the second half. Knowing that this is where it all mattered, we managed to slowly lead point by point. By the end of the game, the score was 17-11.You could tell that everyone played their best because they all came off with a bright red smiling face.

We had an absolute blast playing in the Dulwich College Beijing Netball Tournament and would love to repeat the weekend that we had. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Mrs Arnold, Mrs Ruskin and all of the U13’s diamonds on an outstanding tournament.

By Elizabeth McGrory

U13 Opals

Travelling to Beijing was an amazing experience for all the students involved. From the minute we left AISHK to the minute we returned the trip couldn’t have been more exciting. We all had so much fun and played some amazing netball under the captaincy of Holly Tsibogiannis and India Knowling.

We had a chance to reach the finals of the Plate Competition but didn’t play to our strengths throughout and as a result managed 4th overall. The most important thing for the U13 teams is that we all put in maximum effort and as a team we bonded really well. As a team we became super close which would have never happened without our AWESOME Coach Mrs Livermore.

By U13 Opals

Beijing U15 Rugby Tour 2016

On the 26 of May 2016, 11 U15 students departed AISHK at 8:30 to catch our flight to Beijing for the Annual Dulwich College Rugby and Netball Tournament. Our U15’s team consisted of players ranging from Years 8-10, with different levels of experience. For some, it was their first year participating in this tournament and for others, it would be their last.

When we arrived around 6pm at the New Otani Chang Fu Gong Hotel in Beijing, we were exhausted by the day’s travel, despite there being no games on that day. We headed over to the renowned McDonalds for a quick bite, before returning to the hotel for a good night’s rest.

With an early 7am start the following morning, we left the hotel for Dulwich College. We started off strong against the hosts, winning with a final score of 42-12. We showed excellent camaraderie both on and off the field, with great team spirit and passion. Despite a loss against to Chao Yang SS in the final play of the game, we finished the day off strong, with only one loss and three wins.

On Saturday, we were all beginning to feel the stiffness settle in. As we headed over to the pitch, we were all anxious to hopefully achieve a spot in the final playoffs later that day. Our first game against Dulwich College Shanghai saw us dominate early on, only to finish the game with nine players due to injury, with a narrow loss 27- 19. However, we held our heads high and played well together for the rest of the day.

Our battle for third place came once more against the hosts Dulwich College Beijing who were keen to make amends for their early defeat at the hands of AISHK. Despite not making the Grand Final, our team held their heads high and entered the match with pride and passion. Mr Bailey was an amazing coach throughout the tournament, with encouraging words that gave our team the extra push it needed. This saw us convincingly win third place, with a majestic 42-7 final score.

This was a fantastic and memorable experience for us all and we would like to personally thank Mr Bailey for believing in each of us, Mr Ruskin for managing the teams and to all the other coaches/parents and teachers for their invaluable contributions to this trip.

By Henry Loui and Justin Trent

Beijing U15 Netball Tour 2016

From 26 to 28 May, six netball teams consisting of girls from Year 4 to Year 10 travelled to Beijing for a hard two days of netball. All the girls demonstrated great skills and improved with every game. They played with grit and determination while always displaying good sportsmanship throughout.

Unfortunately, we lost our first game and drew the second, bringing us in at equal second overall. On Saturday, we won the semi-final convincingly only to be defeated, by a much-reduced margin, by Dulwich College Shanghai. DCS had beaten us by 12 goals in the previous encounter!

The under 15’s team placed second in the cup division losing their tight and tough final against Dulwich College Shanghai. Overall, the teams played amazingly well considering they only had a few weeks playing with together before we left the shores of Hong Kong. We’d like to thank the all the teachers and coached us and the parents who travelled and gave us their support.

By Kristiana Echaluce

Dulwich Beijing Results

  • U11 Rugby –(AISHK A) 1st Place, (AISHK B) 5th Place
  • U11 Rugby All Star Award – Daniel Bennie and Will Meads
  • U13 Rugby – 1st Place. All Star Awards
  • U13 Rugby All Star Award – Jude Harding
  • U15 Rugby – 3rd Place.
  • U15 Rugby All Star Award – Justin Trent
  • U11 Netball – (Diamonds ) 2nd Place, (Opals) 3rd Place, (Sapphires) 6th Place
  • U11 Netball All Star Award – Ellie Christmas, Jessica Martin and Caitlyn England
  • U13 Netball – (Diamonds A) 1st Place, (Opals B) 4th Place in the Plate
  • U13 Netball All Star Award – Zoe Tsibogiannis and India Knowling
  • U15 Netball –2nd Place.
  • U15 Netball All Star Award – Lucinda Durack

Aquathon Report

Our Tremendous Twenty finished off the Term with a terrific session at Kowloon Tsai Park yesterday.

With temperatures scorching, we spent most of the session in the pool. Everyone is now well versed on how to start, hold their position, and climb out fast to get over to transition.

Transition champions saw a turnaround yesterday with Darby Carroll winning two preliminaries. The final winner of the session, however, was Indianna Miller first, Albert Wang and Jack Grattan tied for second and Tom Bull in third.

It has been a pleasure coaching your child over this term. For those still in Primary in 2017, I will look forward to doing it again in Term 2 next year.

All the best to everyone racing at KGV this Saturday!

Jules Ware | AISHK Aquathon Team Coach

Out of School Achievements

Congratulations again to Thomas and Stephanie Norton who are in the Hong Kong Sports Institute / HK Sailing Federation squad for sailing Laser 4.7 dinghies. They will be competing in various events in Europe this summer representing Hong Kong. This six-week trip culminates in the Laser 4.7 World Championships in Kiel. https://sailing.laserinternational.org/site/event-site/15.

We wish them both the best of luck and look forward to hearing how they get and hopefully looking at the photos and videos on their return.

Quote of the Week – Mr Reed

“A minor setback paves the way for a major comeback”