End of Semester Message from the Head of School

A Message from Phillip Waugh | Head of School

Semester 1 ends Friday next week when students will be dismissed for their mid-year break. Term 2 has been a long but very eventful term, 10 weeks in total, and it is now time for AISHK students to enjoy some time with their family and friends.

However, before the end of this term there are still some key steps to be completed as part of the formal academic program.

On Tuesday 23 June, students across the Primary Division will be engaged in their three-way conference meetings with their parents and teachers. This activity is an excellent opportunity for both parents and students to celebrate together the learning milestones achieved during the course of this semester.

The reporting process for secondary students is more traditional. On the last day of the term, students in Year 7 to Year 11 will have their Semester 1 report posted home, so parents please be on the lookout for these reports when they arrive in the post.

It would be ideal if all parents in both Primary and Secondary Divisions could set aside some time during the holidays to discuss with their children their progress in specific learning programs, reviewing individual subject results and for secondary students in particular the comments and ratings provided by each of the subject teachers. Where provided, please also comment on the effort ratings that your son or daughter has received because ultimately it is the effort exerted that will make the real difference in performance outcomes and life generally.

To our Year 12 students, may I strongly suggest that you use some of this holiday break to revise and review coursework because the HSC and IB examination period is now only a few short weeks away. Next term itself is only nine weeks long and only seven weeks of class time remain for Year 12 students because of time taken to complete the Trial HSC or Mock IB examinations.

To all AISHK families traveling over the holiday period, may I wish you all a safe and enjoyable break. Parents and students are reminded that lessons will recommence on Tuesday 28 July.

Phil Waugh
Head of School