Port Adelaide Member Surprises Year 6 Students

A Port Adelaide member surprised Year 6R student Angus McBride and his classmates with a visit to the School and a signed jersey in hand during the last week of February.

During a class project called 'Own It', students from Year 6R were asked to claim a section of their classroom and decorate it with items that reflect who they are. Through a series of unfortunate events, Angus' signed Port Adelaide AFL jersey ended up being thrown away.

Mrs Nicki Robertson then contacted Matthew Richardson, the General Manager of Port Adelaide Football Club, and explained how Angus had lost this prized possession. Matthew wrote back within minutes saying that he and the team would be more than willing to help replace the jersey.

The jersey was hand delivered on Monday 23 February by a Port Adelaide member, which amazed all Year 6R students. Angus now has a signed jersey as well as a jersey to play in at his AFL practices.

Sincerest thanks to Matthew Richardson and the rest of the Port Adelaide Football Club for their help!