AISHK to Host the ACAMIS U20 Soccer Tournament

AISHK is proud to be the hosting school for the ACAMIS U20 Soccer Tournament from 23-26 April 2015.

ACAMIS is a non-profit organisation established to promote communication and development between international schools in China and Mongolia where participating schools regularly take turns to organise inter-school academic, sports and performing arts events. AISHK has been an active member of ACAMIS since 2002 where hundreds of students have participated in various sporting events in China with commendable success. In 2015, it is our honour to continue being an active member of the association and to host the upcoming event for high school students in soccer.

In order to keep the cost down for participants, all students are hosted by families of the host school. Hosting students in our homes is an integral part of the ACAMIS experience for both visiting and host schools. The experience that our own and visiting students gain from the home stay arrangements is immeasurable. Valuable and lasting friendships are often formed with students from other international schools where their shared experiences form a bridge of cultural understanding. Without the host families, many of these wonderful events would not have been possible.

We need families from AISHK to host students, preferably two, but one would be greatly appreciated (or more if space permits). Your commitment requires you to provide suitable sleeping arrangements (i.e. beds, pull-outs, bunks, inflatables, futons), daily breakfast and evening meals. A parent briefing meeting prior to the arrival of students will be held at the school to outline all responsibilities. Please remember all transport will be provided by the school. Students will fly in on Thursday 23 April and depart in the morning of 26 April 2015.

In order for us to begin the process of placing visiting students in home stay accommodation, we ask that if you are able to host our visiting students, please e-mail me at the address below stating the number of students and your preference for male or female. Once you have expressed your availability to host, we will confirm in writing your host students' details. This confirmation will be made in early April.

We ask you to join us in supporting the ACAMIS Soccer Tournament in 2015. Your generosity is the key to our success in hosting the upcoming event. Should you require any further information regarding hosting of ACAMIS students, please feel free to contact me at

Stephen Burrows | Director of Sport and Activities