This Week's Message from the Secondary Division

A Message from Phillip Waugh | Principal Secondary Co Head of School.

To all our new secondary students, welcome to AISHK. To all our continuing students, welcome back. I look forward to working with all of you on your pathway to learning during 2015 and beyond.

Once again it is very pleasing to commence the year by noting the outstanding academic results achieved by our graduating class of 2014. Our Year 12 students from last year certainly did themselves, their families and the school proud by achieving results that ranked our school yet again amongst the very best in the world. Specific details outlining these achievements will be highlighted at both of our Secondary School Cocktail Evenings held during this semester and details will be published in our School Annual Review.

Of course as one year ends another begins, and AISHK secondary students in 2015 need to recognise that a new contest, so to speak, has already begun.

In reality for all our students this means a dedicated study and homework regime must be commenced as soon as possible, so that this experience becomes a natural part of each and every day.

For students in Year 11 and 12 in particular, three hours of study or homework per night must become the norm. It is important to consider this sobering thought, for Year 12 students their Semester 1 examinations are now only five school weeks away.

This year is our 20th Anniversary and I look forward to meeting with all secondary parents at one of a variety of events that will take place throughout the year. Already this week it has been a pleasure to join with our community to celebrate our “official birthday” on 26 January. Being able to celebrate school milestones and student achievements with the AISHK parent community makes it all the more enjoyable because our parents play such an essential role as “partners in the learning process”, assisting their sons and daughters to maximise future learning outcomes and academic results.

Parents who may have questions or concerns regarding these or any other matters relating to the Secondary Division or the School more generally, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at the school.

Until next time


Phil Waugh
Secondary Principal | Co Head of School