THIMUN Singapore 2014 Recap

AISHK attended its last MUN conference for 2014 in Singapore. Students from Year 10 and 11 participated in The Hague International Model United Nations conference held at the Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore from the 17-21 November. Students were the delegates of Greece and the World Health Organisation, and for many of our students this will be their last international conference of their school career. Two of our senior students had special positions at this conference: Robert Shu took on the leadership role of President of the General Assembly Third Committee and Joyce Lui was an International Court Judge. AISHK congratulates these students, along with Andrew Pu, Nicholas Jessop, Gordon Young, Kiran Shivalingam, Bryan Tang, Nicholas Yuan, Chloe Lam, Ashwin Utamchandani, Michael Tan and Felix Wong. We also thank Mr Henryk Flak and Ms Fiona Campion for supporting the students while away.

Please enjoy Chloe Lam’s personal account of her experience:

THIMUN was a great experience, complete with a lively atmosphere and fruitful debate. We negotiated and debated the solutions to various problems such as, human rights, environmental protection, economic development, disarmament and issues of war and peace. We, while seeking solutions to these problems, could break away from narrow self interest and develop true international cooperation.

Through the countless research and preparation sessions that Ms. Hii had thoroughly planned and the involvement and interaction with other young delegates our age, we were able to deeply empathize and give insight into the world’s problems, to make us aware of the causes of conflict between nations which led us to a better understanding of the interests and motivations of others.

Overall, THIMUN was a success, we worked hard and grew closer as a MUN team.

Amy Hii | Secondary English Teacher & Model United Nations Co-ordinator