Staff Professional Development

On Tuesday 20 January, we were fortunate to have Susan Boucher, a highly experienced and well-respected education consultant, working with our teaching staff. Susan has worked at an executive level, both within Australia and internationally, in the education and health sectors for the past 20 years and has led teams working on improving the outcomes and wellbeing of children and young people. Working closely with our Deans of Studies, Susan challenged our teachers to reflect on their professional practice and continue to foster the culture of professional learning that has been steadily built and consolidated over time at AISHK.

Susan guided staff through a process aimed at identifying key components of effective pedagogy. Teachers were then asked to audit themselves against a teaching rubric created by The Australian Institute for Teaching and Leadership. As part of our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, each teacher was then expected to set personal and professional goals for 2015. Within the structure of an individual Professional Learning Plan, teachers will work with a coach or mentor on a specific project which aligns with the school development plan and which is supported by both internal and external professional development. As the year progresses, teachers and leaders will meet with their direct line managers to review, modify and implement strategies within their area of responsibility.

AISHK has always had a culture of lifelong learning and personal and professional improvement. Working with Susan has enabled us to formalise the structure and ensure that, as a united group, we are committed to the enhancement of student learning.

? Cameron Reed and Chris McCorkell | Dean of Studies (Primary and Secondary)