Primary Students Participate in an Annual Mandarin Speech Competition

Towards the end of term last year, a record of 12 students from the Primary Division participated in the annual Mandarin speech competition held by the Hong Kong Schools Speech and Music Association (HKSAMA). It is a prestigious event where our students compete against other students from local schools throughout Hong Kong.

Students were required to deliver either a selected poem or prose and their performances were judged based on the following criteria:

  • The delivery of speech
  • Fluency
  • Arrangement
  • Pronounciation

Our students showcased their talent, and their hard work was proved to be worthwhile as demonstrated by their outstanding results, with 10 students achieving Merit and two students achieving Proficiency.

Congratulations to Max Harrison (Merit), Shanae Ohlson (Merit), Calpurnia Leung (Merit), Emily Ng (Merit), Lisa Miu (Merit), Jade Ohlson (Merit), D'Arcy Loftus (Merit), Naomi Lui (Merit), Tiare Short (Merit), Eric Yang (Proficiency), Matthew Ohlson (Merit) and Jiaming Yang (Proficiency) for their outstanding effort.

A special thanks to Mrs Mandy Ng for assisting with travel arrangement to the competition venue for our Year 3 girls.