AISHK School Website's Parent Lounge

Parents can now keep up to date with how their children are going at school via the Internet. School events, bulletin items, timetable information, parent directories and much more are now available online through the log-in zone of the website.

In order to assist you with to navigate through this area and utilise the information available, over the next few weeks we will be providing you with a number of video tutorials on the site.

This first tutorial introduces you to various functions in the Parent Lounge including changing your address, adding your details in the parent directory and viewing daily bulletins, timetables and the contact information of your child’s teachers.

We encourage you to begin using this resource as it will give you a much greater awareness of what your children are doing at school and will allow you to give them better support from home. As parents become more accustomed to using this resource we will begin to add more information that will be helpful to you. This will include academic records and transcripts for your children, so that you can retrieve archived information and track their progress as they move through the years.

In addition to the Parent Lounge, parents can become much more involved in their child’s learning program by gaining on-line access to the activities and tasks set by the teachers via the Online Learning Platform (OLP).

For any enquiries, please contact