2015 Celebrating Success, Creating the Future

Welcome back to school for the commencement of a very special year – AISHK's 20th anniversary. We have a set theme at AISHK for the school year: '2015 Celebrating Success, Creating the Future: Building, Being, Becoming'. Our aim for this year is to recognise achievements of the School over the past 20 years and to develop a pathway to achieve our goals as a school and both as individuals.

Building, Being, Becoming

  • Building – Establishing the school and its reputation
  • Being – Consolidating; growing up; who we are today
  • Becoming – Achieving the vision of our school; future possibilities

In the spirit of our anniversary, this theme reflects our journey as a school community, and we can all be very proud of all of the milestones we have reached. We are thankful for the collective effort of the entire school community past and present, who have paved the way for many generations of students to come.

To mark the 20th anniversary of AISHK, we reveal two 20th Anniversary logos that will be used on all internal and external publications this year. Highlights of the anniversary program include a commemorative 20th anniversary event, a birthday celebration and many more. We hope you will join us at these events as together we celebrate this very important year in our school's history.