AISHK Donates 101kg of Food to Feeding Hong Kong

As part of our 'Giving Tree' at last year's Christmas Carols Evening, many of our students and their families donated a wonderful selection of food items to support Feeding Hong Kong, the only food bank in Hong Kong dedicated to redistributing surplus food to underprivileged individuals in Hong Kong.

Feeding Hong Kong has recently announced that a total of 101kg of food was collected at our Carols Evening, which will provide 241 meals for people in need.

“Over 1.5 million people in Hong Kong are threatened by hunger. At the same time, high quality surplus food is being needlessly sent to landfill every day. Your donation of 101kg of food, which includes 10 packs of milk, nine packs of cereal and oats, 20 packs of rice, 68 packs of noodles and pasta and 46 canned foods, will help us bridge the gap between food waste and food insecurity and continue our work in fighting hunger in Hong Kong.

The wonderful selection of food items that you donated to us has been redistributed free of charge to our partner charities, all of whom are registered non-profit organisations working with underprivileged individuals in Hong Kong. We are particularly grateful for the variety of products that you collected on our behalf, as it has enabled us to offer a greater choice of nutritious food to our charity partners – approximately 241 meals in total.”

Thank you to all students and families for your continuous support to our 'Giving Tree' each year.